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Announcing change #elxn42!

Change.org has launched a unique hub for all petitions started by
Canadians that target federal party leaders or address elections-related
issues. Change #elxn42
features trending petitions, official responses from party leaders, and
data on what election issues matter to our Canadian users in the lead
up to the federal election on October 19.

More and more, Canadians are using online campaigns to get issues that matter to them on the political agenda. Over 3.5 million Canadians use Change.org to do just that — and political candidates are paying attention. To date, decision makers have responded to 27 election-related petitions, opening dialogue between voters and candidates and speaking directly to voters on issues that matter to them.

Already, Canadians have started over 126 petitions tied to the election with over 1.2 million of signatures and counting. Issues range from hard questions around what leaders will do to address the Syria Crisis, to funding arts and culture in Canada, to climate change, to violence against women. On a broad range of issues, Canadians are talking — and decision makers are listening.

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October 2, 2015 4:35 pm