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Tips for Petitioning the New Government

What if you could write a law? Or improve any government policy?

You feel closely connected to the issue, but you’re not satisfied with the situation. Based on your experiences or expertise, you know what it takes to make the country better. What would you do?

Canadians just elected a new federal government, and last week they arrived in Ottawa to get to work. Now, we can help set the tone for the next four years – we can show the new government that we have good advice about the decisions affecting our lives. Starting a petition on Change.org gives you access you the best online organizing tools in the world to raise awareness and mobilize support.

Here are a few tips for petitioning the government:

1. Find your minister. The prime minister is powerful, but chances are there is a minister in cabinet who can play a direct role in making the change you want to see. Take a look at each minister’s portfolio to target the right one and make reaching them part of your strategy. (List of all federal ministers)

2. Find other decision-makers or influencers. Who else has a say in the decision you’re after? There may be a government agency who can do what you and your supporters want. Also consider asking your local member of parliament to get behind your idea.

3. Check jurisdiction. If you can’t find the right federal minister or agency, it’s possible that your provincial or municipal government is responsible for your issue. Be sure to target the people that can really make the change you’re after!

In the digital age, you’ve got everything you need to rally support for your ideas, speak directly to your new government, and help shape Canada’s future:

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January 31, 2016 9:55 pm