“Every Newfoundlander knows someone in Fort McMurray” — Victory for N.L.ers evacuating Alberta

“Every Newfoundlander knows someone in Fort McMurray,” writes petition-starter C.L. Brake of Cornerbrook.

C.L. wanted to help her fellow Newfoundlanders trying to flee the Alberta forest fires, and petitioned independent Crown Corporation Marine Atlantic to offer free ferry crossings to Newfoundlanders trying to return home.  

“The people who have had to evacuate their homes mostly left with what they had on their backs,” she wrote on her petition. “[They] may be displaced for days, weeks, or even months. […] We need to help them.  Most of us here cannot physically do anything to help because of the distance. Let’s talk to Marine Atlantic and see if we can help the ones who choose to come home.”

On Saturday – just a few days but hundreds of signatures later – she was able to update her signers with some good news:

Thank you all for your support. Marine Atlantic has officially announced that they will give evacuees free passenger fare and 50% of vehicle fare when travelling home to NL. This is a great help to all affected by this devastating situation. God bless you all and please continue to help where you are able.

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May 10, 2016 10:01 pm