The Changes Canadians Want to See

Over seven million Canadians have used’s open, people-powered platform. People across the country create thousands of petitions, and they gain traction when they are an authentic reflection of what Canadians care about. These people care enough to start something meaningful, rally the support of fellow citizens, and gain the attention of decision makers. Petition starters believe in online democracy and the power of individuals to create change. 

We see compelling petitions created – and won – from coast to coast to coast. Some petitions are national or international in scope, while others are focused on specific changes at a community level. 

Two Recent Victories

Canadians led the world’s first comprehensive ban on shark fin trade ban. Over 300,000 people signed Oceana Canada’s petition calling on Canada to no longer engage in the shark fin trade. 

Mya and Eve, two students from Calgary, were devastated to learn how much waste is caused from takeaway coffee cups. They led a campaign that won a US$10 million investment from Starbucks to invest in developing a fully recyclable and compostable cup.

Two Major Current Campaigns

Over 196,000 Canadians have united through a petition to show the CRTC that the public feels they are being unfairly charged for cell phone service. They are demanding a change to current telecommunications laws and regulations to implement a limit on prices nationally.

Gary, a school bus driver and grandfather, has been diligently keeping the pressure on MPs and Transport Canada to put seatbelts on school buses. He has compiled and presented compelling research showing kids’ lives would be saved with seatbelts. He has the support of 116,000 Canadians – and is not stopping until they achieve their goal.

These are the stories that show us what can happen when Canadians feel inspired and engaged in their power to create the country they believe in. As your Canadian Team (we are a lean team and powered by you – there are just 4 of us), our job is to support Canadians in the changes they want to see.  

Platform for citizens and decision-makers

The platform connects citizens with the decision makers who can make the decision to bring about lasting change.  The goal is to communicate through the platform, engage in discussion, and find common ground. Decision makers can connect with petition starters, as well as everyone who has signed a petition, directly through the platform. Decision makers are respected as key players in this online democratic process.

We are continually amazed at the range of meaningful petitions that are started on  It is inspiring to see such thoughtfulness and concern for fellow Canadians reflected in petitions started by engaged citizens across the country.

A 21st century update to an ancient tool

Petitions are older than democracy. One of the first documented petitions was organized by slaves building Egyptian pyramids who worked together to get better working conditions. 

Petitions also played a key role in building modern democracy. For example, in England petitions to kings and parliaments were a common form of protest that strengthened people’s voices in government. Between 1780 and 1918 over one million petitions were submitted to the UK Parliament! 

Online petitions are just the latest version of this ancient tradition, and thanks to our members has built the most powerful online petition platform in the world. members fuel this platform and make it free for anyone to start a petition anywhere in the world. Your contributions pay for the platform and a small and independent staff team that works tirelessly to make sure petition starters have the tools and support they need.

When the stakes are high, a petition can make the difference — whether it’s fighting against animal cruelty in Canada or standing up to corporate abuses of power. 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to in Canada – to all of you for starting petitions, signing petitions and supporting the platform. Together we’re strengthening democracy and helping people win lasting change with the 21st century version of the most ancient democratic tradition.

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September 19, 2019 9:48 pm