Earth Day 2024: People vs. Plastics Momentum Growing to Fight Plastic Pollution in Canada

Earth Day 2024’s theme is “Planet vs. Plastics” – which calls for a 60% reduction of plastic production by 2040 – and the momentum to combat plastic pollution in Canada is gaining significant traction on

Canadians from coast to coast have united in a powerful movement, signing petitions and advocating for meaningful action to reduce plastic waste. Petitions on addressing environmental issues increased by 92% from 2022-2023, including 162 petitions created in 2024 so far. There was a 1097% increase in signatures from 2021 – 2023 and over 2,996,672 signatures over the past three years – demonstrating that the People vs. Plastics fight is going strong in Canada!

Here are some of the ways Canadians are taking action against plastics on

  1. “40% of plastic in Canada is generated for packaging – much of that for the food we eat.” Karen Cumming’s launched a campaign calling on grocery giant Loblaw to provide sustainable food packaging. Over 250,000 people have joined Karen Cumming’s campaign so far.
  2. Concerned with the amount of waste produced at another popular Canadian retailer, Nikola Vladisavljevic started a petition calling on wholesaler Costco to reduce plastic waste at its stores. “Costco uses plastic even within plastic wraps to pack the stuff they sell. There is no need for this kind of waste and environmental pollution,” says Vladisavljevic. 
  1. Over 300,000 people have signed petitions to ban single-use plastics in Canada. In 2021, the federal government introduced a ban on six single-use plastics – including straws and grocery bags and declared plastics toxic under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). Since then, Big Plastic has been challenging the decision in court. Last year, the federal court overturned the ban – a decision which has been appealed by the feds. The ban remains in effect until a final decision is made and public support is needed to maintain the momentum!

With a strong emphasis on reducing plastic waste, these petitions also highlight the importance of championing circular economy solutions. The collective action behind these petitions also underscores the growing public awareness and concern about plastic waste – as well as the public desire to hold corporations accountable for the part they play in plastic pollution.  
This week, more than 170 countries will gather in Ottawa to negotiate a Global Plastics Treaty and align on a global agreement to address the plastic pollution crisis.

How do you think plastic waste should be addressed? You can have your say and join the #PeoplevsPlastics movement today by supporting or starting your own petition to #EndthePlasticEra.

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April 22, 2024 6:12 pm